Nonstick skillets – omelet size

Nonstick skillets – XL

Sets of metal measuring cups and spoons


Stovetop nonstick griddles

Kitchen shears

$ towards a new full set of matching mugs (200)

Refrigerated food storage holder for sheet pans (Similar to our warmers but refrigerated)


Small laminator

Sharpie markers

Battery-powered drill

Acrylic craft paints and brushes

Gift cards for tie-dye supplies for Amazon, Walmart, Jo Ann’s, or Hobby Lobby


Commercial Paper Shredder

Black Frames for Dining Hall Staff Photos – CLICK HERE

Ballpoint pens

Lysol wipes

1-inch black 3-ring binders

Camp Store:

Matching furniture for the arc cafe

New Slushy Machine – CLICK HERE

New espresso machine (please contact for exact model)

Clothing racks


3 handle rescue can (can be found on Amazon)

New sleds for water slide – CLICK HERE

New umbrellas for pool


Waterproof bandaids (reg and large)

Finger and knuckle bandaids

ACE wraps

4×4 gauze pads

Waterproof tape



Hydrocortisone cream

Cotton balls

Regular and Jr Ibuprofen, Regular and Jr Tylenol

Chewable Benadryl

AED for the Alpha pavilion


DJI Osmo Action camera – CLICK HERE

Canon Eos R camera – CLICK HERE

Shure SM58 microphone (UP TO 4) – CLICK HERE

Mobile Lectern Stand – CLICK HERE

Mic (xlr cables) or Instrument (1/4”) cables

Whirlwind IMP 2 Direct Box (2) – CLICK HERE


 1. 6 ‘ Folding Tables (4) – CLICK HERE

2. Cast Iron Skillets (8) –  CLICK HERE

3. Metal Shelving Racks (10) – CLICK HERE

4. Hand Washing Station (4) – CLICK HERE