Maysville Uncorked Postponed

MAYSVILLE UNCORKED – Hate to even say this . . . Uncorked is being postponed (possibly cancelled depending on how things go with this dang virus). The State has pulled NQ2 liquor licenses and 1) no license, no festival) and 2) because we have LOTS of attendees ‘we cant be doing that . . .’ (I.e. they wont let us). As this is our biggest fundraiser of the year, we hope to move to a later date but, as you know, that is even iffy. Losing our biggest fundraiser plus no shows and camps is really going to be difficult but ‘we will get through this’ (I cant even say the word ‘together’, maybe ever again). However a stupid virus isn’t going to stop an almost 60-year old organization! We will find a way!!! Sad days . . .

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