Whether your talents are weeding and pulling bushes (like in our men’s house shown), teaching life skills, or sharing your favorite hobby, we can use your unique gift!

Volunteers to help support our families and patients in a socially distant way are needed. Helping with things like note writing and errands for families is needed.

Work one-on-one with a special needs child during the week of camp.

Coordinate a single fund raising event. This includes selecting the location, reserving the location, obtaining labor, advertising the event, and collecting proceeds.

Volunteers can assist The Counseling Center planning and executing fundraisers.

Assist staff taking developmentally disabled adults to volunteer at other non-profits or invite us to your passion so we might share and be included.

You can volunteer your time in the kitchen where you will help prepare meals for up to 250 people; on the grounds doing landscaping and light maintenance; or joining housekeeping where you will help tidying up the camp and keeping it clean and presentable. We will match each volunteer with a paid summer staff person—who…

This staff member will share their testimony on how they have been used by Christ to present the gospel. Individual should share in a way that is clearly understood by the age group and actively engage campers in discussion. This staff member could share about the local customs of the native region where they minister.…

This experience will provide high school and college students a dynamic program that helps to reduce poverty and to build environmentally sustainable-based economic programs that improve lives in various global communities. Each participant will work with local families and students to improve their housing, infrastructure and jobs. Trips are a minimum of a week long.