The Volunteen Program is open to all students, 14-18 years of age, who have completed 8th grade, and currently have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students have the opportunity to contribute to their community with service hours and receive a valuable learning experience in the process. We, at Adams County Regional Medical Center, would…

Volunteers can also assist with shopping and other errands, or stay with the patient to allow family caregivers a break from the demands of caregiving.

There are many ways that Hospice of Hope volunteers contribute. This can include companionship, reading to patients, taking walks, listening to music, writing letters, taking them to appointments, and other activities.

We need those who enjoy “grunt work.” From time to time, we call upon these folks to help with extra cleaning, moving things, processing the newsletter to get it ready to mail, etc.

We need greeters who stay near the entrance of Highland House and greet visitors as they arrive, give them a brief description of the Museum and provide any brochures and assistance as needed.

We need sales associates who would like to work the Museum Shop. With extra training, these folks will greet customers of the shop, advise them of any current sales going on, process purchases and keep the shop tidy.

The Junior Volunteer Program “Summer at SOMC” is open to young adults aged 15-17. This educational and rewarding program runs during the summer months of June, July and August, and the Volunteer Services Department begins accepting applications in April of each year. The program is eight weeks of discovery in an administrative, lab, or patient…

There are various volunteer days on the weekends for to participate and increase your knowledge of the Arc properties and the natural world it protects.

We are in immense need of volunteers who enjoy healing the land and working outdoors to remove invasive plants from our vulnerable ecosystems. ust one day of your time can make a world of difference for the welfare of our fields and forests.

Museum Hosts greet visitors, help orient them to hiking trails in the entire Arc System, and interpret the outstanding natural history of their sites. No experience is necessary, training can be done on site.