Whether your talents are weeding and pulling bushes (like in our men’s house shown), teaching life skills, or sharing your favorite hobby, we can use your unique gift!

Pastoral Services at the hospital directs and enhances the spiritual care of patients, families and hospital staff. The mission is based on the Judeo-Christian faith and is designed to promote the healing process as part of a united effort with other professionals in the health care field. The chaplains are ministers or lay ministers who…

No matter what your skill set – whether you desire hands-on activities with our pets, prefer to provide clerical support, or want to assist with our events and education programs in the community – there is a place for you.

Works with the camp staff in developing a specific program, recruits a volunteer team of program workers, and directs the specific program.

Will preach, teach, coach the counselors, counsel campers making spiritual decisions, and keep follow up records.

Will generally promote a global view of ministry through formal and informal teaching.

Production goes beyond lights and sound. You’ll create an atmosphere where people can come close to the Father’s love through lighting, screens, sound, and much more.

When you become a part of Victory Creative, you’ll have the opportunity to work with others who have a passion to bring our community closer to God through the arts in areas including worship music, video production, photography, graphic design, and much more.

In this position, the staff member is required to maintain a safe swimming environment for campers and staff. Individual must be very responsible, at least 15 years old, and currently certified with the American Red Cross as a lifeguard. Lifeguards should have a desire to serve in other positions of ministry, as well.

This staff member is responsible to prayerfully study, prepare, and present biblical truths. The presentation of these truth must be relevant to the camper’s age. Every message should present the gospel in a simplistic manner and offer challenges of discipleship. This person must have 5 years of experience and be at least 18.